The goal of this course is to help one explore deeper concepts about God, God’s purpose for our lives and God’s word. Through weekly teachings and small group discussions, you will be exposed to eye opening topics and revelatory insight that encourage intimacy with God and fellowship with likeminded followers of Jesus Christ.

This semester, at DCC Bible Institute our educational focus is discipleship. Through intense, creative, bible based teaching, you will develop greater success in your relationship with God, your interpersonal relationship with others, as well as your intrapersonal relationship with yourself.

Throughout this course, you will be able to answer the following questions: 1) What is a disciple? 2) Why do we disciple? 3) How do we disciple? 4) What are ways we disciple?

Meet us each and every Thursday at DCC Bible Institute! We are eager to search the scriptures and increase our knowledge of Jesus Christ! Be our Guest!